The Grace Moment Challenge

While on this discovery of new found grace, I am learning that there are defining grace moments of almost every day. I am finding myself aware of each moment of grace that is extended. Some of them are the simplest of things. When I am weak, He makes me strong by His grace. Through His grace, He gives me the strength to not just survive through my day, but THRIVE through my day. The most awesome part is that His grace is individualized for me. He knows what I alone need. I love that.

I am beginning to be fully aware of His hand of grace sustaining me through my day. In the smallest of ways to the biggest of ways.

God gives me grace to find a new recipe that actually works (seriously, this is a big deal to me). I am given grace to finish a difficult project at work. God gives me the grace to stop a moment before I yell at my sweet child who is flying off the furniture for the thousandth time that day. Grace extends its hand as I am given the chance to go away overnight with my husband, and have a desperately needed break. Grace covers me as I lay my head on my pillow at night, recounting the millions ways I failed that day. And, God’s sweet grace is poured in buckets from the top of my head to the souls of my feet as I face, in March, difficult days of birthdays and anniversaries that remind me of the holes left by my parents.

God, in His love and grace, is truly bringing me to fresh new understanding and view of Him. A loving, compassionate Father who knows exactly what I need to be sustained through each day. In the good, the bad, the everything. He is revealing Himself through these moments. And He is whispering…PAY ATTENTION, be aware of grace. He is always there, with me, near me, in front of me, behind me…covering me. It’s amazing.

So, I feel He is boldly whispering a new challenge to my heart. Count the grace moments. Moments of grace that He gives throughout my days, my weeks, my months. He is asking me to take note, notice the small moments of grace – not just the big moments of grace.

Want to join me in the challenge? Pay attention…live in each moment…being fully aware of God’s sweet grace covering your life. What has He helped you do today? What has He saved you from today? How did He go before you? How did He provide for you? His grace is so completely there for you as well. Whatever you need in the moment you need it. He knows you, knows the day you walk through – and He is walking with you. As you follow Him, He will sustain you by His grace. Be encouraged!

I will often share these grace moments! A blog series of “The Grace Moment Challenge”. I hope they encourage you, and remind you that, if you invite Him, He is also giving you grace moments for each day. And, you can encourage me by sharing your moments of grace!

But he has told me, “My grace is all you need, because my power is perfected in weakness.” 2 Corinthians 12.9


  1. Tried a new recipe this evening as part of a “cooking lesson” for my oldest daughter. I didn’t explain a step clearly – she misunderstood – just as the dish was getting ready to go into the oven, it looked like disaster…but things worked out. The meal turned out great. My daughter and I both learned a lesson in improvisation (and I got an extra lesson in not overreacting!) I don’t think I would have thought of any of this as being grace if I hadn’t read this post tonight. Thank you! I definitely need to put my “grace glasses” on!

    • Oh sounds fun! 🙂 I am glad this encouraged you. I would need “grace” as well not to completely take over, and try to fix it all…which, of course, doesn’t help them any. Glad it still turned out well!

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